dippity-doWhen I was a kid, I loved those jars of bright pastel colored hair gel called Dippity-Do. It still exists, but is in a boring squeeze jar, not this lovely magical tub. This and Aqua Net were the go-to hair products of the day, not that any of them ever helped me achieve the lasting curls I so fervently wanted. I used to do extravagant things to get my hair to curl, including perms using the tiniest rollers and the harshest chemicals available. I sometimes ended up with some waves in my hair and though it wasn’t what I’d dreamed, I was still happier than living with my snarl-infested, stick-straight hair (why do we say this – some sticks are definitely not straight…). I have long since given up on this goal, much to my toxin-level’s benefit, and often run into people with natural curls who tell me they always wanted straight hair like mine. Grass is always greener…but not as green as Dippity-do!

I really was not planning to write about hair products but Dippity-do popped into my head when I was typing the word serendipity, so I went with it. To get on with the serendipity theme though, just passing along one of those weird life coincidences. I posted my first blog post two days ago and as advertised, went to dinner. While walking back to our car, one of our favorite shops had its door open and I hadn’t been in recently so decided to peruse the wares. The shop is called Andaluz and it has all kinds of interesting things – some of it strange and yet oddly desirable, like hipster mustache kits, some scarves, clothing and jewelry, bags made from recycled materials, lotions, soaps and a fun assortment of books (including an existential activity/coloring book, which featured a word search puzzle that was all XXXXXXX’s except the one word NOTHING “hidden” within – awesome).

I found a t-shirt that transported me back to childhood (maybe that’s why I have 70’s hair products on my mind??) because it sported a saying that my stepdad Grant always used to say:

“Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll go outside and eat worms.”

I have no idea where it came from, but I’d hear this regularly as a kid in response to feeling left out or complaining about my straight hair holding me back. Grant is a much nicer guy than you’d think based on this, BTW. He’s actually awesome.

So, one of the books I honed right in on was called “The Writer’s Devotional” by Amy Peters and I thought, well, I’m a writer now, so obviously that book was meant for me to see!

This is definitely my type of religion – 365 days worth of things to help with writing inspiration. Each day of the week has its own theme – Mondays are “Writers on Writing.” Assuming today is week 1, day 1, the topic is writers being able to speak for those who are not able to have a voice. Having a husband who is not as able-bodied as he once was has really changed my awareness of mobility and how people with physical limitations are perceived. He can certainly speak for himself, but I sometimes observe things he misses while he focuses on not falling or trying to navigate a crowded train. I know people wonder what happened to him but are afraid to ask, so hopefully between us, we can make people more aware of how strokes affect people, especially younger people like us. Lots more to come on that!


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