Desert Escape

San Gorgonio mountain, also known as Old Greyback

San Jacinto mountain

Went to the land of sun, drought, wind (and accompanying wind turbines) and hot springs for a brief (2 days) getaway. Hubby had been pestering me for months – well, really about a year now – to get some down time at a spa and started doing a ton of research on it. He found a place called The Spring in Desert Hot Springs (right near Palm Springs) where they have three mineral spring pools of varying temps and mineral levels that purportedly can cure whatever ails you. Not sure two days cured anything but it sure as hell didn’t hurt, nor did the sun, two massages, view of the Transverse Range mountains and lovely nature walk at the Morongo Preserve (highly recommend if you like birdwatching, plus it’s crazily cool in the marsh section – yes, an actual marsh in the desert).

We celebrated our 8th anniversary on this trip. I reminded Doug that for our 7th anniversary, he could just manage getting around enough to go out to Sutra for dinner. Planning a trip, managing a plane ride and nature walks a year later is amazing! Definitely felt like moving forward, and since Doug did most of the work to make it happen, I felt really spoiled.

I had lots of downtime when we weren’t swimming, getting treatments, walking or checking out downtown Palm Springs (very hot to walk around but some cool architecture). I got to read nearly a whole book, And the Mountains Echoed, by Khaled Hosseini, which I am really enjoying. Alas, I left my journal and tablet behind, so didn’t do any writing. I’d barely missed a day of my 30-minutes a day pledge this past month, but three whole days went by with no writing. I missed it, and would not make that mistake again. I found myself wanting to jot things on napkins or our room’s notepad. Writing really can become a habit.

Floating in the pool the last day, the wind buffeting us like bobbins in the water, I stared up at the sky and listened to the palms rustle and felt some sense of peace. I want that memory to stay lodged, so I can visit it over and over when things are rough. Or even just rainy, like today.


4 thoughts on “Desert Escape

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  2. I love that image of lodging a memory in our brains to be able to go visit it again and again. Away with those little nagging frustrations! I’ll just go to my happy memory of serenity to refocus my energies!


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