NWC Epistle #2

Dear NWCs,

I can’t think what to write today. This tiny 30 minutes will just get spent with me figuring out more ways to say I can’t think of anything to say.

I did see something interesting on my ride home. Going through the international district, there are always quite a few characters and goings-on to check out. I’ve seen girls fighting in the street and old men playing checkers on the sidewalk. Various smells come at you as you travel through – onions, fish, fortune cookies. It’s a feast for the senses.

Today I saw two tall thin men walking along. One was wearing the biggest black cowboy hat I’ve ever seen. In Seattle anyway. I’m the daughter of a Montana girl, so I’ve seen some big-ass cowboy hats in my day. Ten gallon ones. This one was like that. It dwarfed his head it was so large and yet he looked very striking, with his dark skin and dark hat. I guess anyone wearing a hat nowadays is pretty striking, especially one in a town not known for rodeos or cattle driving.

I wondered about this man, what had led to this moment of him walking through Seattle in his huge cowboy hat. Was it only fashion or did it serve some practical purpose? Was he visiting Seattle from somewhere? Has he always worn this hat (it didn’t look like something he’d just thrown on) or was it a special occasion? What sort of things did people say to him?

I have started taking notice of people more in this way – not just, oh, that’s a bit of an outlier, but trying to think about the story of the person. Perhaps I will spend some more time on this one to see what I come up with.

And the stove is telling me that my precious 30 minutes are up, so I’m off to make some dinner. Tell me about some interesting characters you’ve seen!


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