Staycations Are the Best

Photo I took on my walk around the neighborhood

Photo I took on my walk around the neighborhood

My last week off was last October. I also used that for a staycation, and spent most of it doing as many right-brained creative things as I could fit in. I’m a bit busier this week (will be taking our 14-year old Lab to the vet later to hopefully get a clean bill of health from her recent eye surgery), but still have been able to spend quite a bit of time tinkering away on several things, and just poking around the internet, which I never have time for anymore. Here’s a sampling of what I’ve been up to:

  • Fixed up my twitter account and finally did some actual tweets (including one about Doug’s latest post on Feldenkrais)
  • Read posts on introversion, including a cartoonist, INFJoe. Still have aspirations to draw someday!
  • Downloaded 30-day trial of a writing organization tool called Scrivener, finished the tutorial and started throwing pieces from various documents, journal entries, etc. into a template. So far, I really like this tool, it allows you to focus on one scene at a time, so you aren’t just looking at a long document and feeling overwhelmed.
  • Went on a long walk listening to Elliott Smith (good for getting the creative juices flowing)
  • Finished the third chapter of Hindi in Mango Languages – a free tool offered by the library to learn new languages. I’ve learned basic greetings, introductions and how to comment on the weather. Haven’t learned how to say it’s raining yet, so hopefully that’s in the next chapter!
  • Caught up on emails to a bunch of people
  • Almost done reading Wonderbook (guide to help with writing creative fiction) and still working on Romantic Outlaws: The Extraordinary Lives of Mary Wollstonecraft and her Daughter Mary Shelley. Also read an interview with the author, Charlotte Gordon. This book is amazing, you should definitely read it. I plan to start reading some Wollstonecraft just as soon as I can.

Of course, there’s the usual stuff like cooking, walking dogs, meditating, helping Doug prep for work, etc. It’s so great to just have time to breathe in between. Oh, shoot, just realized I haven’t fed the chickens yet. Left brain to the rescue!