A Rug is Born

20170630_174118469_iOSAs I’ve mentioned in posts this year, three years ago, the year of my husband’s stroke, a friend helped me get started on a little project to make a rug out of recycled t-shirts and other textiles pulled from overflowing carts of last-chance clothing at Goodwill.

And by little I mean 8 feet by 5 feet and weighing in at a mere 40 or so pounds. I’ve watched hours and hours of football, Orange is the New Black, The Get Down, Poldark, Occupied, Better Call Saul, Halt and Catch Fire, The Fall, The IT Crowd, Narcos, OA, House of Cards, Sherlock, Broadchurch, Penny Dreadful, Stranger Things, and Happy Valley (to name a few) while my creation grew heavier and heavier on my lap. As my friend Tess (the project instigator) said, if you’re gonna watch TV, might as well be doing something. Oh, productive people, where would us inherently lazy ones be without you?

I made it my goal to finish this massive undertaking before the end of mid-year this year, since I let it lapse all last year. Today is June 30, y’all. And my weighty progeny is complete at last! As I texted my friend today – Houston, we have a rug. I love it, as do Pablo (the cat) and Wonky (the little bear on the pillow). Jasper and Doug haven’t expressed an opinion yet, but I know Doug will be glad that I can spend time on other things now.

What things might those be?

July will be camping and writing. Mostly writing, since I’ve joined the Badass Honey Badger Cabin at Camp NaNoWriMo (thanks for inviting me, Peg!). The goal is 50,000 words (NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month), but it can be flexible. I decided to just go with it and see what happens. I’ve had an idea for a long time but haven’t been able to get started. The camp is virtual, meant to create an online place to connect with others in your cabin, provide and get encouragement, be inspired, and stay focused. Writing is usually such an isolated activity, so I’m interested to see how this will be. I already can tell Peg is going to be a great cabin host.

And we’re doing some actual camping too, as long as Washington parks are open; guess we’ll see if the state is still open for business after today. Ah, the political dysfunction isn’t just national. Sigh. Some of my reclaimed time needs to go into the resistance as well.

I can’t say for sure if I’ll be blogging in July, since I want to focus my writing energy on NaNoWriMo, but maybe I’ll post a few paintings. I definitely plan to keep doing those, they are so good for getting the right brain involved and I find myself looking at people and things with so much more detail now that I’m trying to draw and paint. Last Sunday, I joined Peg & Marcus at a free library event on body-positive life drawing. I will not subject you to my drawings (people, especially faces, are damn hard to draw), but it was a fun and enlightening experience. I think looking at things in a new way can only help with writing. Plus, it’s super relaxing.

Much more so than cutting up garment after garment. Trust me on that.



6 thoughts on “A Rug is Born

  1. Wow! Your rug is magnificent, Jeanie! I love the colors and the pattern of the circles. 40 pounds? That thing is a monster. I love it.

    I’m so glad you’re expressing yourself through art and writing, and that I get to witness your creativity in motion. I’m realizing this year that almost as much as being creative myself, I LOVE watching other people be creative. The body positive figure drawing workshop was fun to do with you and Marcus (I think I lost 5 lbs through the heat!), and it’s been so awesome having you in my Camp NaNoWriMo cabin. I can’t wait to see how our creative paths cross again.


    • Thanks Peg! Yes, that rug is a monster, but a lovable one. Quite the massive effort put in with it, but glad I made it through. And that I have more time now to do other things, like the drawing class with you guys. Yes, it was stupid hot, felt bad for the models. I loved your drawings, and the ones I glimpsed of Marcus’s as well. You are a couple of super talented people. I agree, it’s really fun to see other people’s creativity in action, and I’m enjoying Camp NaNoWriMo, both for the motivation and seeing how other people are taking it on. It’s so cool, thank you for hosting our BHB cabin!


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