I can’t predict what you’ll find here. One day might be howling at the unfairness of life and the next will be musings about Marshawn Lynch’s badassery. Really bad poetry could make an appearance. No doubt there will be tales from the brood as our urban farm takes up a lot of our attention, as do our geriatric dogs and youthful cats.

What’s this black cloud? My hubby and I have had a rough go the past 15 months. In February 2014, he had a stroke at age 43 while we were on vacation in Hawaii. I am his caregiver and he has made amazing progress, but our lives have changed dramatically. Our roles have switched from his being the getter-doner while I lazed around reading and dreaming up veggies to grow, to my having to take over much of the household duties. It’s exhausting and still hard to fathom how much has changed, but we keep looking for things to stay grateful and hopeful about. His blog is called Brainaissance if you want to learn more about strokes and reinvention.

The last photo we took of ourselves the day before Doug's stroke in Hawaii.

The last photo we took of ourselves the day before Doug’s stroke in Hawaii.


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